About GroupsFinder

The idea for GroupsFinder came about as we got more and more involved in Philly tech groups.

It seemed that every month or so we would learn about a new group or two. At first we took this as a sign of a thriving community (and it is indeed a thriving community). But we quickly realized that these weren't always new groups - they were often just new to us.

Groups have many options for forming and hosting an online presence:

  • Independent, custom-built sites
  • Mothership sites - local groups for a specific product or organization
  • Group hosting sites - Meetup.com, Google Groups, etc

But that diversity makes it more difficult to find the groups (and for them to get found).

As we thought more about this, we became frustrated that there wasn't a single place where we could find all of the groups near us (or anywhere we were planning to be).

GroupsFinder is that place.

It is important to note that GroupsFinder does not host groups or events. We provide a directory service that helps people find all of the groups (and relevant events) near them - no matter how or where they are organized and hosted.

Groups and Events

Helping people find all of the groups near them is pretty cool. But the reason that people want to find groups is that they want to do things with those groups. They want to know about the events that these groups organize. But finding these events is just as difficult as finding the groups themselves.

So GroupsFinder also aggregates the events that these groups organize, as well as relevant events organized by other individuals and entities. And we put these listings where you want them - on the site, in email, on Twitter and via RSS

A Look Under the Hood

GroupsFinder does much more than just gather listings of groups and events. We aggregate, curate, categorize, localize and deliver group and event information.


We aggregate all groups and events

We list all of the groups and events that we can find, regardless of how or where they are hosted - independents, those organized around mothership sites, and those on group hosting sites. (But note the Curation section below)

We aggregate at global scale

Some larger cities have localized sites or pages devoted to listing the groups in their area. But these are often underutilized and poorly maintained (if not abandoned). Furthermore, this doesn't help those that don't live near large cities. GroupsFinder helps you find groups and events everywhere.

We aggregate multiple categories

The same place that helps you find technology and design groups will soon help you find arts and culture groups, health and fitness groups and more.


We only list groups that meet in person

There are a lot of great groups out there that exist solely online (we participate in a few ourselves). But a track record of meeting in person demonstrates a level of organization and commitment that is a lot harder to achieve and maintain.

We filter out zombie groups

Other sites and pages are rife with groups that seemingly haven't met in years. We filter these groups out.

This should not be confused with groups for zombies. We ain't got no quarrel with them zombies.


People that participate in tech groups (for example) generally want to know about all of the tech groups and events meeting near them. GroupsFinder lets you pay attention to all of the groups and events within one or more categories, without having to wade through categories that do not interest you.


We help you find all of the groups near you (or anywhere you're planning to be), and let you track their events without having to find and join all of them yourself.


We put this information where you want it - on the site, in email, on Twitter and via RSS