Frequently Asked Questions

How can I gain control of a group listing that somebody else registered?

GroupsFinder preloads groups, and allows anybody that registers an account to create group listings. If you are the leader of a group that was preloaded, or registered by someone else, register an account and click the "Claim this Group" button on your group's profile page.

Why is GroupsFinder limited to groups that meet in person?

We don't want to overwhelm GroupsFinder users with listings for groups that may not be worth their attention. Anybody with a browser can start an online group, but a track record of meeting in person demonstrates a level of organization and commitment that is a lot harder to achieve.

We understand that there are a lot of great groups out there that exist solely online (we participate in a few ourselves). But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and drawing it here keeps the signal to noise ratio of our listings pretty darn high.

Why can't I manually schedule recurring events?

The purpose of this site is to help you promote your group and its events. If you're posting the same generic description for every event, you're not promoting your event, you're sleepwalking. If you don't care enough about potential participants to tell them why they should come to your event, we're not going to waste their time with your listing.

Why isn't my event showing up in my city's Twitter feed?

The twitter feeds are still very much in the experimental phase. In order to avoid violating Twitter's rules regarding duplicate content, we filter the events that are pushed to our Twitter feeds. It is likely that your event was cross-posted to multiple groups and was filtered out from all but the first group. Another possible reason for being filtered out is that your event was named something generic like "Weekly meetup".