Finding and Tracking Events Near You

Event Listings on GroupsFinder

Helping people find all of the groups near them is pretty cool. But the reason that people want to find groups is so that they can participate in group events.

So GroupsFinder also gathers listings for the events that these groups organize (as well as relevant events organized by other individuals and entities).

Event Listings - Where You Want Them, When You Want Them

You can view all upcoming events at any time on the GroupsFinder site. Those who live in or near one of these cities have additional options for tracking upcoming events.

  • Email - we send upcoming event listings weekly via email
  • RSS - each category/city has its own RSS feed listing all of that day's events
  • Twitter - each category/city has its own Twitter account. Events are tweeted 2-3 hours prior to the start time

You can find subscription options for these feeds at each category/city home page (e.g. /tech/philly or /design/nyc).

Listing Your Events on GroupsFinder

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