Site News

Event Listings Added

We're excited to announce that GroupsFinder now also aggregates the events organized by the groups we list. (We list all of the groups out there - independents and mothership groups, as well as those hosted through Meetup, Google groups, etc.)

Event Listings - Where You Want Them, When You Want Them

You can view all upcoming events at any time on the GroupsFinder site. If you live in or near one of these cities, you can track upcoming events via email, Twitter and RSS.

Submitting Your Event Listings

We pull events automatically for Meetup groups and those groups that have registered an iCal feed. We ask group leaders to check and update their group profiles, and to register ical feeds where available. Events may also be registered manually from each group's profile page.

Learn more about listing your events on GroupsFinder.

Hello USA/CA World!

When GroupsFinder first launched, we only listed groups from the USA and Canada. Of course, this decision wasn't made because of any perceived superiority of North America versus the rest of the world [1]. Rather, it was for the mundane reasons associated with the launch of any endeavor - resource availability, task/feature prioritization, etc.

Nevertheless, 100% of the online feedback we received at site launch [2] identified this as a critical shortcoming.

We are thus pleased to announce that your complaining has achieved its intended effect - GroupsFinder now strives for global domination. To accomplish this goal, we have added groups from every continent [3], and our search boxes operate on location strings, rather than zip/postal codes.

[1] - We do, however, admit to Antiantarctism. We all have our flaws.

[2] - One message. But it was a very compelling message.

[3] - Except for Antarctica. See [1]

A New Look

If you didn't see the first iteration of the site design, consider yourself lucky. And if you did, you should know that that was actually the second iteration. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't see the first iteration.

So, welcome to the third iteration. We hope that you will find it much more aesthetically pleasing. Or at least less horrifying.

Design Groups Added

We've added our second groups category - Design.

There is some overlap between the Design and Technology categories and, where it makes sense, groups will show up in searches for either category. But many other design groups are focused on the physical world, or touch only tangentially upon technology topics. Those groups may be found exclusively in the Design category.

Update: Note that - because of this overlap - the design category cannot be published to Twitter. We hope that this may change in the future.

Also note that this category is oriented toward design practitioners, rather than consumers. We will be adding an Arts & Culture category that will be more relevant to design consumers.