Submitting Event Listings

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Event Listings on GroupsFinder

Helping people find all of the groups near them is pretty cool. But the reason that people want to find groups is that they want to participate in the events that these groups organize. But finding these events inevitably presents the same problems as finding the groups themselves.

So GroupsFinder also aggregates the events that these groups organize, as well as relevant events organized by other individuals and entities.

Event Listings for Groups

If your group already has a listing here on GroupsFinder, you have several options for including your event listings:

  • If your group is hosted on, we will pull your group's events automatically
  • If your group publishes an iCal feed, you may post its URL as part of your group listing and we will read that
  • If you have some other feed or API that you would like us to consider using, please let us know

If none of these options is available for your group, you may submit event listings manually from your group's listing page.

Event Listings for Other Entities

GroupsFinder is a curated site and we zealously protect the attention our audience entrusts to us. That said, we recognize that there are lots of other events that our audience would like to know about, but that are hosted by organizations other than the groups we list here.

If this describes you, we will provide the ability to list your events very soon. If you organize a lot of events, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can work together to make this as easy as possible for all involved.